Friday, February 18, 2011

New Dora Fashion Dolls.

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Ok, I'm completely jealous of anyone who attended the 2011 Toy Fair in NYC this week. (That's where you get a sneak peak at all the cool toys coming out this year.) Having a girl, one of the toys that definitely got my attention was the new line of Dora fashion dolls named The Dora Dress-Up Collection. They feature four stylish fashion packs that enable girls to dress Dora for whatever adventure comes her way. Each fashion comes with a 32-page storybook themed to the outfit and features a unique art style new to Dora books.

How awesome are these?!

It's 'bout time Dora got a little of a fashion makeover too! Haha. This collection debuts in the Fall.

To see other great toys featured at the Toy Fair 2011 go to

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