Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kids Shampoos: Which One Do You Use?

Hey moms! I wanted to ask you about what kind of shampoo and conditioner you use on your little ones? Once my daughter's hair started growing out, I used L'Oreal kids shampoo for a millisecond. I really liked it, but for some reason it's hard to find in my area, so I switched to Suave Kids.

It's okay. I like that they have a wide variety of scents and that they're affordable, but I feel like they don't leave hair shiny or really moisturized. (Especially for my daughter who has long, thick hair--I need something that will actually keep it healthy and nourish it.)

So I recently switched to an "adult" brand and I'm now using Dove daily moisture shampoo and conditioner. So far I really like the change. It's made her hair much softer, it looks healthier, and less frizzy, plus I don't know if you've smelled Dove, but it smells wonderful. The less frizzy part might also be because I started using the Dove Frizz Tamer Cream on her hair. This is something that I actually use on my own hair and decided to use it on her and see if it made any difference, and BOY did it!

Do you guys do this too?

Do you use "adult" shampoo on your kids or do you prefer to use kids shampoos?


  1. We use our adult shampoo. Also once a week, a little of my deep conditioner i get from when i dye my hair. Her hair is long and thick too, with kinky waves underneath. We wash it once or twice a week cause it gets really frizzy and unruly if we do it every day.

  2. That's exactly how my daughter's hair is! I haven't tried doing a deep conditioner yet, but I do condition it every time I wash her hair and that frizz tamer really does help. I wash her hair twice a week too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. My daughter had a dry skin issue since she was born, but I can't find the right shampoo for her skin until one of the friends we met in Hawaii. She recommended Shielo Hydrate line and I tried to use it on my daughter while we were there and it works great. I like the Conditioner better than the Shampoo because of the nice fragrant and my daughter still smell so good after all day playing and after a sweaty nap too.

    100% also - you have to make sure any shampoo you choose is sulfate and chemical free. Thats another reason I went with Shielo Hydrate and will continue: no paraben, chemicals or sulfates - because that will make the dry skin worse.

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