Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Children's Valentine's Day Fashions.

I did a guest post over at LilLuxe on how to dress up your little ones for Valentine's Day. (It doesn't have to be all sugar and spice and everything nice, if you want.) Be sure to check it out...and who knows maybe you'll see a lot more of me over at LilLuxe. So be on the lookout! :)


  1. Wow what a great post. I hope you do more with this site if you do i will visit them many more times. I hope u keep your fans up on any other post you do outside of your blog.

  2. Great post, Jenny! And your collages are so beautiful as usual! I am sure you've left them with a taste for more!

  3. These are great. Some of the boys tops reminds me of the Little Marc Jacobs range that's just come out, you can see these here: http://www.eliasandgrace.com/boys/tops

  4. Thanks Julia! Yes. I'm thrilled that they really liked my post and asked me to be a monthly guest blogger! :)


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