Sunday, February 20, 2011

1 Pair of Shorts. 2 Spring Looks.

When it comes to spring, you never know if it will be hot one minute or breezy the next, so I find it best to either have a sweater or jacket on hand--and use it to make your outfit! Take these olive Banana Republic heritage shorts for example, mix in a few other pieces and you have 2 different looks to wear this spring!


  1. I would totally wear these any day.

  2. Love the styling! But can't find links to the pieces! Love the gray tee and cork wedges!

  3. Julia: I didn't put links because I was hoping people would take it more as a guideline as to what to use from their own wardrobe. But I'll be sure to include links next time, another person asked me for links on another post as well.

    The gray tee is from Old Navy ($8.50)

    and the wedges are Chinese Laundry ($49.95)

  4. can you tell me where the jean jacket is from? i've been looking for a cute one for a while


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