Friday, January 28, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker's Look For Less.

Sarah Jessica Parker was trying to beat the bitter cold, and looking quite fabulous doing so--with just a few stylish accessories! This look is bit carrie-esque, don't you think? It leaves me almost teary-eyed thinking about how much I use to love that show! Nonetheless, if you want to rock this look, you could do so with just a fraction of the price with these simple look for less items. (Everything listed here is under $90!)

1. Double Breasted Military Coat-$30.99 (Macy's)
2. Light Weight Scarf-$19.99 (Calvin Klein)
3. Copper Leather Gloves-$17.50 (Dillard's)
4. Sienna Bag-$62.00 (Mimi Boutique)
5. Lace Up Ankle Boots-$89.00 (Dereon)


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