Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Organizing Arianna's Closet.

It's a new year, so in our house that means out with the old, and in with the new. We like to start a new year with a clean house and a clean slate. New Years day we decided to tackle my daughter's room even though I tried before to get my daughter's room in order over Christmas.

Who knew a 5 yr old can be such a hoarder?

We grabbed dozen of garbage bags and sorted out toys that needed to be donated and trashed. Admist all the chaos I got a idea on how to store my daughter's purses. Her handbag collection has gotten out-of-control, but you can't blame a girl for liking purses, right? (Especially, when her mother's a bag whore too.)

I found a plastic shoe hanger in storage and slid them into individual slots instead of piling them on a hook. It looks so much more organized and now she knows exactly where each purse is. I still have a few on hooks, but it's MUCH better now. In the future I might have to get another shoe hanger if her handbag collection keeps growing...oy vey.

Do you like a clean house for the new year?

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