Friday, January 14, 2011

Kid's Spring Fashions: Part 1.

Spring is blossoming at our favorite kid's stores, but going from store to store just to see if you like this season's style can be a drag, not too mention time consuming for busy moms. So to give you a better idea where to shop for your children's spring clothes--here are a few outfits from some of the major retailers.....

Girls: Pirouette Collection--muted pinks, blues, and gray.
Boys: 1969 Denim Collection--urban/street chic.
Boys: Yacht Team Collection--nautical theme.
Girls: Burst of Spring Collection--bright pink and blue florals

Boys: What Spring Brings Collection: blues, greens, cargo & camouflage.
Girls: What Spring Brings Collection: bright colors, floral prints.

Girls: Beachy Chic Collection--blue, white, & coral.
Boys: Cool Recruit Collection--colorful layers, classic styles.


  1. LOVE it all, can't wait to go shopping (and I'm glad that girls clothes are so much more fun than boys ;)!!!

    Kat @ Keeping the Faith

  2. Kat: I know! Having a girl, rocks. ;)

  3. Spring?! I'm up to my eyeballs in snow!

  4. LOL! I know--but that's how it is. :)


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