Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

Like a lot of you I stayed up and watched the Super Bowl of Fashion over greasy Chinese yesterday. I gotta say, this year I actually was excited about some of the designer frocks that graced the red carpet, but there was no denying that there were 2 main colors ruling the red carpet--Nude & Emerald.

Let's start with.....

Emerald Beauties

My Thoughts: Ok, I know that Angelina is drop dead gorgeous, blah, blah, blah, but I would have liked to see her in something that my grandmother wouldn't have chosen to wear. This dress seemed very Golden Girls to me. Catherine looked amazing and Mila looked stunning. Elisabeth dress wasn't my favorite but she looked nice.

Blushing Beauties

My Thoughts: The standouts for me were Carrie Underwood, Mila Jovovich, and Natalie Portman. They look classy and elegant. Well done, ladies.

On the other hand, Scarlett Johansson and Leighton Meester were some of my least favorite of the night. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't understand Leighton Meester's fashion sense, she just never has it together for me. Scarlett is so pretty but the dress doesn't do anything for her and her hair just about killed me.

Speaking of bad, here are my worst dressed of the night.....

The Bad

My Thoughts: Ok, I'll say it--Julianne has lost her damn mind. I mean, I love her as an actress and all, but girl needs to fire her stylist STAT. *Sigh* I can't believe I'm saying this, but I didn't like Sandy's look at all. It looked sad and frumpy, not to mention her bangs were too long and just didn't look right. Jennifer's dress looked like a bad wedding dress and apparently she decided to bathe herself in self tanner before going to the awards show.

The Ugly

My Thoughts: I mean, do these two looks really need an explanation? I didn't think so.

And now to the good....

Best Dressed Of The Night

My Thoughts: These ladies KILLED IT last night! Claire and Emma rocked Calvin Klein and looked absolutely beautiful and understated. Anne Hathaway looked so glam and chic in Armani, the shoulders were a little much but she still pulled it off. Speaking of Anne, Olivia Wilde's GORGEOUS Marchesa gown reminded me of the Valentino dress Anne wore at the MET gala last year, remember? Still, something about a big puffy dress with lots of sparkles still makes the little girl inside me shriek with excitement.

Eva, however takes the cake in this Zac Posen gown! It's long, fitted, and sexy but still doesn't show too much skin. LOVE IT. Scarlett, take note hun: THIS is how you wear "you're a douche for leaving me" dress.

And now for the best dressed men.....

The Dapper Men

My Thoughts: It doesn't get dreamier than this ladies. Both men were impeccably dressed and tailored to perfection.

Who gets your vote for best and worst dressed?


  1. Couldn't agree with your more on your Good and Bad picks! I LOVED Claire Danes' dress! Love a backless look!

  2. Oh, one more thing . . . love all the "Blush" color dresses. There is just something about a soft, light look.

  3. I LOVED Emma Stone's look. So simple and chic!

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  5. Oh opps deleted my post on accident. I meant to edit it. I like Angelina's Emerald dress the best on the Emerald dresses. The others did not contrast well with their hair/skin tone and the flash of skin. I like the simple elegance and the long lines in Angelina's dress. It was simple and understated. I thought the others looked like they were going to prom. Besides Angelina's was the most GREEN and I am kind partial to that! LOL! I did LOVE Eva's dress as well. But disagree on Claire's dress and the other peach colored ones. I find it interesting you would dislike Angelina's when those are also so streamlined.

  6. I think you nailed it ... totally agree with all of your choices. You should write this week's People's magazine review of the outfits.

  7. Love the roundup! Very informative and hilarious as usual. I haven't had a chance to watch it and really don't need to now. Have everything I need to make my style conclusions. I think Angelina does it on purpose. She is so inhumanly gorgeous, she picks these somber, conservative outfits to prevent us from passing out:) This one actually has a gorgeous color that plays out her eyes, which is already rare for her mostly neutral and sometimes down right depressing color choices.
    I would say, Cathrine is very predictable with this color. Had done this before. I totally forgot Natalie Portman was expecting, she is very classy and positively glowing but this red rose could definitely use a vase instead of her corsage (lame). Scarlett had ceased to surprise me with her matronly choices. It's like she really tries hard to look decades older. The wacky ugly duo never fail to outdo their wackiness.
    Sandra! What's wrong with your your usually vibrant beauty? What is this curtain over your eyes? You look like a sad Yorkie deprived of her daily doggy biscuits.
    My ultimate winners are Hathaway (she rarely misses on the red carpet) and Olivia Wilde's breathtaking "starry night" dress. Also love he neutral make-up of Eva. Great round up, Jenny! Thanks!

  8. I love all of your "best dressed" BUT Anne Hathaway - I know a lot of people will disagree but I just was not a fan. As for the others I liked Mila Kunis, Dianna Agron, and Carrie Underwood.

  9. Green Bee: I can see why you like the green trend so much! Haha. I agree that Angelina's was the most vibrant of the bunch but it was very dynasty and very dated in my opinion. Claire and Emma's Calvin Klein dresses are very simple and modern.

    Karyn: WOW!! THANK YOU!! I'll have my people contact People Mag. lol

    Julia: Thanks hun! You crack me up! The Sandra comment had me rolling. :)

    Texas Mom: Don't worry, i know plenty of people that disagree with me on Anne. But I thought she looked very glamourous, not too mention a lot of women would not be able to pull off that dress. That cut, was insane!

    Thanks for the comments ladies, I love to hear all your opinions!

  10. I do like Eva's dress! Black doesn't really do it for me at these sorts of things though (unless you're older and hiding stuff).

    Claire Dane's is in my "Get Her a Cheeseburger Stat" category.

    Emma Stone. Oh goodness. The dress isn't offensive but her skin is the same color! And she's wearing no jewelry so she's a boo for me.

    Helena is making a statement. She's not serious in the slightest. I'm actually a fan of Tilda. I love a white shirt with a satin skirt and I think it suits her. She's not trying to be the popular choice and as I get older, I appreciate that more and more.


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