Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Of 2010. {My Favorite Posts.}

I can't believe 2010 is almost over! This year has been such a whirlwind for me--my daughter started school, we got a new puppy, we got a new car, my husband started a new job, and I started a little blog called Babblings of a Mommy.

It's been only 10 months but I feel like I've been blogging forever! To be honest with you, I would have started it much sooner if I knew I would enjoy it so much. It's been a fantastic outlet for me to let all my creative juices out. I've loooved every minute of blogging, especially interacting with all the wonderful mommy bloggers out there that I might have otherwise not come across.

So, seeing that we're so close to closing the book on 2010, I'd thought I'd share with you some of my favorite posts here on Babblings.

Favorite Beauty on a Budget:"You want me to put that where??!" (Good tip that a lot of might know)

Favorite Beauty Tips: "Beauty Secrets Your Mama Should Have Told You Part I and Part II" (My list of DIY beauty tips)

Favorite Kids Book: "I Love You Stinky Face"
(One of my daughters all time favorite books. I love reading it to her)

Favorite Look 4 Less: "1 Picture. 3 Looks for Less!"
(3 great looks in one post.)

Favorite Mommy Gadget: "NOOKcolor {Electronic 4 the Family}" (cool little device that will get the whole family reading)

Favorite Personal Post:
"Me, According to my daughter"
(Sweet post about how my daughter views me)

"You asked, I answered."
(a few questions from readers that I answered. Some of my fashion choices have evolved since then. I now embrace leopard. lol)

"I Met Him At The Rusty Pelican"
(A post on how my husband and I met ♥ )

Favorite One Top, Different Looks: "One Sequined Top {3 ways}" (A lot of people seemed to like this one, so if you like it, I like it. :)

Favorite Yay or Nay?: "Thomas Jane Sneakers, Yay or Nay?"
(Picked for several reasons; only male yay or nay, and plus those shoes are totally weird! haha)

Favorite Shoe Fetish Of The Week: "Jeffrey Campbell, Tabitha heels" (LOVE these shoes!)
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