Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 School Pictures.

It just dawned on me that I never posted how my daughter's school pictures came out! If you remember, I wrote a few months ago about how excited I was!

I was a little worried though, I'm not going to lie. ESPECIALLY when I found out that she would be taking the pictures in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning. (CRAP!) Only, if you were with me when I pick her up from school would you understand. Arianna likes girly things, but she can play with the best of them. Her hair is usually a mess and there's a least one stain on her, so you can see why I was a little concerned....

However, I'm happy to report that there were no ripped stockings and her hair was still in place! YAY!!!


  1. How adorable is she?!! With that model, you had nothing to be worried about. =)

  2. Who cares about stains? Look at this Mona Lisa smile:)


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