Thursday, November 11, 2010

Take A Bow.

When I saw this gorgeous Nathalia Kate Spade clutch, I fell in love. And like any other normal crazy person, I've been scouring the internet finding some more fantastic bow items.

NOW, I literally can't get enough of this cute little feminine motif!

I can't help myself-- I've become a bow freak! Some might feel that bow's are a bit juvenile, but me? I think they're timeless and classy. Here's a few ways to incorporate them in your wardrobe without it feeling too adolescent:


  1. I love bows too!! They're so cute and girly. I love everything here, especially that Melie Bianco handbag.

  2. I'll take a bow on anything myself! Love a feminine touch!

  3. I've found myself with a serious case of bow addiction now. :)


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