Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Time! Have You've Been Good This Year?

I decided to re-post this for the Christmas Holiday. I hope you and your families have a very Merry Christmas filled with peace, love, happiness and joy!


This past weekend we took my daughter and my nephew, who is in town for the holidays, to see Santa! We take her to the same Santa every year at Downtown Disney. (Which in my opinion has the best Santa around.) It's a bit of a drive for us, but it's definitely worth it. His house/workshop is decorated with a million little lights and surrounded by real Christmas trees decorated with toys and bows--it's truly magical. Plus after the kiddies are done telling Santa what they want, you can do a little x-mas shopping and go into one of the 50 Disney stores or dance around with the DJ (which my daughter did), or walk around on the boardwalk and hang out. There's even a giant hot air balloon that we've seen hundreds of times and had finally promised each other we were going to go on it---aaand of course it was closed due to high winds, so we'll have to go next time. Haha. Oh well.

Have you taken your kids to see Santa yet?


  1. What an adorable collection of pictures!! The one of her hugging Santa is so sweet!

  2. Yes. They captured a perfect moment. :)

  3. Aww! How adorable! She really too cute and you always dress her like a doll!

  4. Awww how cute is she..I love it!!


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