Monday, November 15, 2010

Hmm..That Looks Familiar...

Guess what Heidi Klum wore to the premiere of Black Swan?


It's Mondo Guerra's creation from Project Runway!

I guess Heidi truly meant it when she told Mondo that she loved that dress, huh? :)

It seems that Mondo took the judges advice and axed the sleeves on the dress, but other than that it looks like it did in the Season Finale. What did you think of this season's Project Runway winner, Gretchen? I was a little bummed. I was a big fan of Mondo's. I loved his fun aesthetic and felt like, if it was between them, he should have won. Although I do have to admit I wasn't crazy about his fashion show. I felt like he did much stronger pieces throughout the challenges then he did on his final collection. What do you think?

Who were you a fan of this season?
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