Monday, November 15, 2010

Hmm..That Looks Familiar...

Guess what Heidi Klum wore to the premiere of Black Swan?


It's Mondo Guerra's creation from Project Runway!

I guess Heidi truly meant it when she told Mondo that she loved that dress, huh? :)

It seems that Mondo took the judges advice and axed the sleeves on the dress, but other than that it looks like it did in the Season Finale. What did you think of this season's Project Runway winner, Gretchen? I was a little bummed. I was a big fan of Mondo's. I loved his fun aesthetic and felt like, if it was between them, he should have won. Although I do have to admit I wasn't crazy about his fashion show. I felt like he did much stronger pieces throughout the challenges then he did on his final collection. What do you think?

Who were you a fan of this season?


  1. I didn't like it with sleeves, but it is an improvement without them. I still don't like it.

  2. Hi! Love your bog! OK did actually like Gretchedn runway show, I thought ti was really current. In fact its funny they even sell a "grandpa sweater" at Target. So she really great at trends. Mondo I think is amazing too but I agree his show wasn't as good. I actually like this dress better with the sleeves though.
    Drop by our blog sometime! XOXO~Kelley

  3. I'm sorry that was typo madnezz!!!! I'm usually more careful..haha.

  4. I don't think I would ever wear Mondo's clothes personally but I really do think he's a talented designer with his own unique voice. I understand that Gretchen has that whole hippie vibe that's in right now but most of the clothes she designs look frumpy and old. If she would design hippie clothes that are bright and colorful and are young and fresh maybe I would have a different opinion. She designed granny panties for NY Fashion week, remember? Granny Panties!! ugh. She shouldn't have won....

  5. Heidi should have stood her ground when pressurized by Nina and Michael. Wearing Mondo's dress after they have butchered talented designer is not going to help! I do understand Kors' point of view. The wearability and accessibility are his motto but Nina? Since when did she care about the department stores? This finale was the most infuriating in the Project Runway existence. Excruciatingly boring, backstabbing, manipulative Granny Panties had taken the Big Prize over the real talent with the treacherous assistance of disappointing judges. That's the real life. Talents need help, the mediocrities will make it on their own.

  6. So bummed I missed this season of project runway!
    I have to admit I'm not too crazy about the dress tho..and usually Heidi looks amazing in anything..but this dress just isn't doing anything for her (obviously this is my opinion) haha

  7. A fan of Project Runway as well,and thought Mondo was very unique and talented. I agree Heidi should have stood up more for Mondo, and she may have, and it is on the editing floor. Wearing Mondo's dress solidifies Mondo's design, and is like a last word in. I'll be there watching again next season...

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