Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halle Berry's Look For Less.

Halle was strolling the streets of NYC all bundled up in layers in this edgy/urban outfit. Like her look? Here's a look for less version--Every piece under $50!

The Breakdown:

Layering Tank-$41 (Splendid)
Motorcycle Jacket-$39.99 (Tilt)
Long sleeve Shirt-$6.50 (Wet Seal)
Gray Fringe Scarf-$38.00 (YesStyle)
Black Leggings-$19.95 (Anthropologie)
Flat Riding Boots-$44.99 (Target)
Brown Chain link Hobo-$32.90 (Windsor)
Wraparound Sunglasses-$48.00 (MaxStudio)


  1. CUTE! I could kinda throw together something like least try! Thanks for the breakdown.

  2. Your welcome Amy, It's a very simple look, but I love it. ;)

  3. I absolutely adore her style, because it's my style! Every outfit of hers looks like we went through her closet together and picked the pieces. I only wish I had this killer body:)

  4. I need a pair of leggings.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  5. Tiffany, I L-I-V-E in leggings. I love them. They're so comfortable and they go with everything! Go get some!!


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