Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Black + Camel Boots = The Perfect Pair.

Anyone else a big fan of an all black outfit paired with camel boots? I gotta say this one my favorite fall looks. It's so simple and ties together so effortlessly. It's effortless chic.

Like the black + camel combination too?

Here are some great camel boots for any price range:

Old Navy-$44.50/ Franco Sarto-$189.00

Ralph Lauren-$198.00/ Target-$49.99

Charlotte Russe-$40.00/ Frye-$448.00


  1. I am already your follower!

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  2. I LOVE camel boots...definitely on my to buy list...I really want a tall lace up high heeled pair...actually I want alot of different styles..haha...but camel is the colour for sure!

  3. I've never done black and camel, yea for something new to try!


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