Friday, October 1, 2010

Rachel Zoe Pregnant?!?!

OK, I know I'm going a little psycho with the Rachel Zoe gossip this week, but OK Magazine is reporting that Rachel is 3 months PREGNANT!!

OMG, I DIE!!! I hope this report is true! If you're a die hard Rachel Zoe Project fan (like me) you know how much Rodger and her have been talking about babies lately. Rachel always seemed a bit stand-offish and scared to get pregnant and Rodger has been longing for a baby for such a long time he seemed very frustrated that they hadn't gotten pregnant yet.

They're in for a BIG surprise. Having a baby completely changes your perspective on EVERYTHING. There's life before you had kids, and there's life after...parents, am I right?

Everything changes, but for the better. If it's true, I really hope that this helps Rachel realize that there's more to life than just a FIERCE outfit--Love her though!

Congratulations on the baby!!


  1. Really?! I hope so too but I worry for her. She doesn't seem ready ;)

  2. I don't think anyone is truly ready to have a baby. I'm just happy for them because it seems like this is something they've wanted for awhile. What does worry me though is how she'll take her body changes...yikes.


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