Monday, October 25, 2010

The Perfect Cozy Sweater.

You know that favorite sweater you have? The one you wear all through the fall. The one you live, eat, and sleep in, and only take off if it has a big stain on it, and even then pretend like you don't see it (wait, is that just me?)

It's the perfect cozy sweater. A must-have item for the fall. It could be made out of wool, cashmere, cotton, or jersey, but whenever you put it on it feels like heaven wrapped in a warm soft blanket.....

Are you in the market for one?
(Let's be honest, what girl isn't?)

Here are some great finds!

DKNY-$69/ Line Knitwear -$199

Old Navy-$44.50/ Kensie-$75

Modcloth-$89.99/ Trina Turk-$198

Laurie B-$180/ Modcloth-$89.99

Laurie B-$167.00


  1. So I just got 2 different sweaters like some of the above ones at H&M recently. And even though it's not even cold yet, I can't take them off. Soooo comfy!

  2. I liiive in sweaters in the fall so I know what you mean. ;)


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