Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've Seen Some Cuteness In My Day....{Gymboree Cozy Style Collection}

But this, needs an award of some kind...

It's so CUUUTE!! I can't stand it!!!!!! lol

I gotta say, either Gymboree has stepped up it's game recently or my taste has changed (very unlikely) but it wasn't till 2 years ago I actually started really liking their clothes. When I went to New York a few weeks back, I purchased an embarrassing amount of Gymboree clothes for my daughter, and it looks like I might be making another round for the holidays, but hey--now that she's in school, I actually have a reason to buy her so much clothes, right?! (At least that's what I tell the hubby) :)

Check out some of their adorable Cozy Styles Collection:

Baby Girls:

Baby Boys:

Kid Girls:

Kid Boys:
What do you think of their new cozy style collection?


  1. You can really call that line kids fashions! Cute!
    I'm following you from Mom Bloggers. Stop by and visit me!


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