Monday, October 18, 2010

GapKids Bleecker Collection...Uhh..Yes Please!!

Ok, so you know that I'm a bit Gapkids obsessed already, and then Gapkids goes and releases they're Bleecker Collection! C'mon Seriously?!! You're K-I-L-L-I-N-G me Gap!!

(I mean, uber-cool do these kids look?? I want to be them--that's how cool they look!) LOL

This collection is full of hip, urban, pieces that were inspired by NYC. It's fun. It's edgy. And it will definitely leave us parents asking if they come in our sizes.


  1. I cannot believe this is your post today! I was just at Gap Kids today and while this stuff is adorable, I was thinking, why such dreary colors like black and gray? Don't people have the rest of their lives to wear black? When can you wear all pink, purple or red! My aesthetic completely though :)

  2. I can imagine walking into a store with a sea of black and grays can seem dreary, or someone's wardrobe with a lot of black can feel very grim. However, a few black pieces in a child's closet adds a bit of diversity and refreshing change to the vivid colors they typical wear. Just my opinion though. ;)

  3. CUTE!! I agree, a little black is cute but too much wouldn't feel right for kids.


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