Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Be A Plain Jane.

I know us mom's sometimes are so busy getting everyone else ready that we're lucky if we get to brush our own teeth and take a glance at the mirror before we heading out the door. However, taking those few extra seconds to get ready and layer on a few pieces can totally transform your Plain Jane look.

Here are few pieces you can use to umph up your "mom uniform" a.k.a. the plain white tee and jeans.


  1. Those are great ideas. I am so a jeans and t-shirt mom. It is ridiculous!

  2. I a loving that vest.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. These pieces are all great! Now I think I need a plain white t-shirt (I know...seriously who doesn't own a plain white T? Ya that would be me..haha)

  4. Love these choices. I'm all about "the uniform."

  5. Hi, just found your blog today and love this article. Need to get a better supply of shoes and bags I think :)


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