Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chic Maternity Wear. {Rosie Pope & Mountain Mama}

There must be something in the water because everyone and their mother is pregnant right now! I don't know what it is, but for you mommies-to-be, I decided to venture out in search of cute and stylish maternity wear.

...And guess what?...

I found 2 fantastic options for you!!

First up, Mountain Mama--definitely for the girl who liiives outdoors or for your more casual days. They have some great selections, including this AWESOME fleece wrap jacket that looks so comfy and stylish--who would ever want to take it off?

Not only does Mountain Mama have comfy, practical, clothes but they're engineered for active performance. Plus have a unique maternity cut that eliminates updraft, unflattering draping and peek-a-boo belly. Their fabric is a super-stretch material that keeps it's shape so it looks great during pregnancy--and after!

Rosie Pope Maternity is more for the girl who doesn't let pregnancy slow down her social calender. They have an amazing variety of super chic clothing for any day or event. Including these STUNNING coats, trendy tops, and classic pieces. They even offer their own line of Couture designs and accessory items such as a diaper clutch--Gotta love it!

Maternity or not--I want this Chunky Cardigan!! I mean, who would know, right?? LOL


  1. Wow! These clothes look great! And that mommy doing the stretching is really awesome! It just goes to show that you can still do your thing even in that stage of pregnancy. I'd like to share a picture, too. This image is from Check out Alicia Keys' belt. Looks great, right? Anyway, thanks for sharing these nice pics!

  2. Maternity clothes are really comfy and simple... All women look gorgeous during any season whilst pregnant/nursing. Exercise and stretching are also very essential during maternity period.


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