Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bluefly Closet Confessions {Kelly Osbourne & Andy Cohen} has posted 2 more Closet Confessions since that last time I showed you Bethenny Frankel's. Have you seen them?

They feature Kelly Osbourne who's unique sense of style matches her quirky little knick knacks around her house (she has a flying rat from the ceiling..just wait, you'll see). I was surprised however, to see how many classic 1960/70's vintage pieces she has, such as her GORGEOUS 1960's Yves Saint Laurent fur trimmed coat, and her 1970's Giorgio Armani sun hat--which she said made her feel like Barbie.

"Andy Cohen's got da 411..." Yes, the man that has forever changed my DVR settings to include every housewives show and every other blood sucking reality show on Bravo.

I gotta say, I was a little shocked to see how messy his closet is. It's definitely a big contrast to the sharply tailored suits and nicely pressed button down shirts he often wears for TV, that's for sure. In his closet he showcases what he calls his "t-shirt scrapbook" or rather his countless vintage t-shirts including a 1986 Grateful Dead shirt, a B52's t-shirt circa 1985, and a hilarious Clinton/Gore shirt. As far as his decor aesthetic goes...well, he's definitely what you would call a "pack rat".

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