Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rachel vs. Brad

Holy Cannoli ladies, MA-JOR Rachel Zoe news. As of October 1st Brad Goreski will be leaving Rachel Zoe Inc. According to reports the split was amicable, he wants to "spread his wings and soar" in the fashion industry and make it on his own. it just me or am I the only one thinking he was using Rachel all this time? Sure they got along, what gay man wouldn't with a stylist superstar? But we all know from the show he wasn't the hardest worker and when Taylor was around he was treated like the red headed step child, so now that he was made fashion director of Rachel Zoe Inc he just gets up and leaves??

Call me cynical but I think that was just plenty of time to get Rachel's contacts and run for the door. Not to mention that the show gave him a platform for what he thinks will be a long career as a stylist.

What do you think? Was Brad for real or was he just looking to get fame?

All I know is that I'm not the only one who thinks this story is bananas. Check out what some people are saying on why he REALLY left here.
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