Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old Navy Girl Boots {Too Cute 4 Words}

If having a girl isn't awesome enough--I get to pass on my boot fetish to her. :)

I picked up these super cute and super cheap boots at Old Navy last week!

Faux Leather Riding Boots-$19.50

Sweater Knit Boots-$19.50

They have other great selections too. Be sure to check out www.oldnavy.com

Now I just have to wait the weather to cool down a bit to send her off to school in these babies.

What have you bought your kids at Old Navy lately??

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  1. Hi there! Can't wait to explore your website further! Looks like you have LOTS of good info! Following from Tuesday Tag Along! Hope you can come by and return the favor!
    Carla aka Mrs. NoNo
    Mrs. NoNo Knows

  2. Those sweat boots are soooo sweet!


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