Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!

It's been a little quiet here on Babblings this past week and in case you were wondering where I was....I was here.

NYC. My second home and my hubby's hometown. Last week we decided to take a mini vacation on a whim and head to New York for a little R&R and thought it would be perfect timing to celebrate the upcoming birthdays in our family. (Arianna turns 5 this Monday and our dog turned one this past Tuesday--we took him too btw.)

We had such a great time visiting family and going out. We didn't do too much "touristy" things but my brother in law did treat Arianna to anything she wanted at Toys R Us Times Square for her birthday. You know the saying "it was like a kid in a candy store" ? Well, She literally was THAT kid. She got in I-N-S-A-N-E amount of toys (as if she weren't spoiled enough) but that's what uncles are for, right?

The other thing that we did do was go to the Museum of Natural History. This time Arianna was old enough to really enjoy seeing all the different artifacts not to mention she saw Night at the Museum a while back so she was stoked to check out the actual place. We kept telling her that everything does turn real at night and she was just AH-MAZED. Haha.

Besides that we just had a great time eating out pigging out at all the fantastic restaurants, hanging with family, and visiting some of my hubby's old stomping grounds. Good Times. :)


  1. Welcome back! Glad to read you had a nice trip. The weather was great too :)

  2. Thanks. Good to be back! Yes! The weather in NY was perfect. :)

  3. We are glad you are back! We missed your babbling:)

  4. aw shucks, good to be missed! :)

  5. Glad to have you back. I've missed your posts too!


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