Thursday, September 16, 2010

DSW Handbag Haul.

Last week I went into a DSW to find some shoes and ended up buying 2 Nine West handbags and 3 nail polishes. Not what I expected to find but totally worth it. I thought I'd share them with you because they were a great bargin!

First up, Nine West Poochy Shopper Tote-$39.95 (Compared at $79.00)

And this Nine West Margarita Shopper Hobo-$39.95 (Compared at $72.00)

I also really liked these nail polishes from Anise ($5.50) but totally hate how they come out in these pictures. The colors are NOT what they seem here.
Trench Coat is not brown but a Griege (Biege with Gray)
Secret Service is a very matte and muted purple. (I'm actually wearing this color now)
Where's the Smoke is also a muted blueish gray (very pretty)

I want to go back to DSW because I have an eye on this fabulous Cole Haan bag, wait..they sell shoes there too right?? :)
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