Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cool Product Picks! {For Men and Women}

Remington Shine Therapy Flat Iron

A few weeks ago my expensive CHI flat iron broke (again) and I was fed up with it so I ventured out to find a new one. I was going to go to a beauty supply store but decided to make a pit stop at Kohl's and I spotted this little sucker on sale! It was originally $49.99 but on sale for $20 something so I made an impulse buy and bought it. I rushed home to research it and was so happy with the reviews so I went ahead and tried it.


I loooooved how it left my hair! I couldn't believe that a $50 $20 flat iron worked BETTER than my expensive CHI!? HUH, WHAT??!

Well, first the plates are infused WITH avocado oil and vitamin E and when it's heated it emits the oils into your hair which supposedly will last up to 4 years!! How awesome is that?! The flat iron left my hair completely smooth and frizz free, even in this Florida heat and humidity.

While the benefits of the oils are awesome there IS a down side which is that it gives off a slight odor. Not too horrible, but it does take some time to get use to.

The design is also pretty cool too with it's baby blue color, smooth buttons, and digital reader which beeps and tells you when the temperature you want is reached.

One important thing to keep in mind when using this flat iron is that it works best when you LOCK the buttons. I read in some reviews that it was poorly designed because your hands keep accidentally changing the temp. If you simply hold down the +temp button for 2 secs (which is says on the manual) it will lock it in place and not change until you hold it down for a few seconds again.

Overall, I think this is a GREAT flat iron and even though I know not every flat iron works for everybody, if you're looking for a new flat iron I would DEFINITELY try it out--it's worth it.

Gillette Fusion ProSeries Thermal Face Scrub

I bought this for my husband because he LOVES the Gillette Fusion series. He has reeeally sensitive skin and the Gillette razors and products are the only ones that don't damage his skin (even the expensive electric razors and trimmers irritate his skin, it's bad).

So, at first he didn't like it. The directions say to rub on skin and then rinse off and shave. Which he did, but it felt rough shaving and even felt like it was tugging on his skin.

He didn't use it for several days because of it, but then decided to try it out in the shower and I don't know if it's the steam from the shower or if it's that he does a better job of rinsing off the scrub in the shower but it worked SO MUCH BETTER.

The thermal scrub is suppose to heat on contact and soften the skin with granules for a closer shave and that's exactly what it did. His skin and hair felt baby soft which in turn made shaving easier and the razor glide right off his skin.

He LOVES this product now and uses it every time he shaves.


  1. Can I tell you, I have NEVER used a flat iron and I'm dying to try one. I have wavey hair and a blow dryer can get it super straight but I bet it would look so much better and smoother with an iron! Can you please have a giveaway ;)

  2. HAHA. I'll see what I can do. ;)


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