Friday, August 20, 2010

Pre-K Open House.

Yesterday afternoon we went to my daughter's Pre-K open house and I can't believe how nervous my husband and I were! I had butterflies in my stomach and he was feeling nauseous all because our daughter was starting school!! lol

It sounds pretty ridiculous as I'm writing it now, but I don't think you're ever really ready to let your kids go. My daughter on the other hand was completely content with the whole idea. It was no big deal for her. She went into her little classroom and immediately sat on the floor and started doing a floor puzzle with the teacher aid as we drilled asked the teacher some questions.

Believe it or not I'm the more laid back one and I had to reel Jason in when he turned psychotic and started to do a 5 point inspection on the facility (keep in mind we've toured the facility 2x's before.)

In the end we ended up staying longer than we thought because Arianna was busy playing and didn't want to leave! haha. This morning she woke up asking me how many days till she starts school and started chanting her school's name. lol. I think she's gonna be just fine....

Is there anyone enrolling a preschooler this year too? How did you other moms deal with the first day jitters??

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