Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Louboutin Look A Likes!

We may not all be able to afford a pair of $800 shoes, but we can afford these Louboutin look a likes! Take a look..

Louboutin Madame Buttefly/Nine West Every Bow Detail

Louboutin Straratata 40/ Jessica Simpson Shieva

Louboutin Knotted Suede/ Newport News Knotted Front


  1. I actually like the Jessica Simpson ones and I don't really like the colors but the Newport News one look the most like the Louboutin's. Great bargin though!

  2. I'm totally drooling over these shoes! How fabulous! I'm here from NFF. :)

  3. Just stopped over from Follow Me Chick-a-dee, and I am LOVING these shoes. Seriously wish I could afford those on the left :) Can't wait to keep reading!

    Rachel @ Simple.Little.Joys


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