Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Maven By Tori Spelling

If you're still back to school shopping for your kids or just simply looking to spruce up your their wardrobe you might want to check out Little Maven by Tori Spelling.

I know what you're thinking (I'm usually not a fan of celebrity brands either), but they really do have some cute/fun/hip pieces that will be a great add to your kids collection. However, I would stick to tops, jackets, dresses, and shirts instead of bottoms. There's really nothing special about their bottoms and with their prices starting from mid-range and running up to $88 you're better off getting essentials elsewhere or you can simply choose from their wide selection of sale items.

Take a look at some of their adorable pieces:

(Seriously, how cute are these outfits? These 2 pieces won me over.)


Little Maven sizes start at 6/9mos and go up to 6T for girls and 4T for boys. They also have Free Shipping for the whole month of August in celebration of Little Maven's Birthday!

What do you think of their collection?


  1. Sadly, my boys insist on wearing whatever happens to be UGLIEST in their closet. The gaudy souvenir t-shirts that the grandparents send from vacation, or worse, spiderman pajama tops. I don't bother anymore. Boo. :( But! More money for my clothes. I am sure Tori has a line I can totally afford. uh huh. ;)

  2. Those outfits are so pretty. Love your blog. Found your blog on blog hop and followed :)

    Send the love back please :)

  3. Adorable clothes! I am a new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday.


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