Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Got2B inPlay Sculpting Paste {Review}

Alright ladies listen up, if your man is looking for a new styling product you might want to check out Got2B's inPlay Sculpting Paste.

It promises to "easily mold and shape that messy look. Twist and turn your hair all you want, with the paste's rough finish it will always look like you didn't even spend time on it. You're the artist, create your masterpiece."

Thanks to Got2B and BuzzAgent my brother got to try it out (since my hubby's hair is too short to style).


1. The smell. It's strong, but smells good. It's a very "masculine" smell that most men would enjoy. My brother actually mentioned that his girlfriend loves how the sculpting paste smells when he puts it on.
2. Staying Power. If you're looking for a product to hold your hair in place all day--you just found it. This sucker will make your hair stay put, in fact my brother says that when he wakes up the NEXT DAY his hair is STILL styled!
3. Packaging. It comes in is a small plastic container resembling a deck of cards.


1. The Consistency. The paste takes a bit to get use to because it's very thick and sticky. If you put on too much on it becomes very tacky and leaves your hair with a white residue that you have to work out to get rid of.

Overall my brother really liked this product. He thought that the staying power out weighs any cons that it had and would definitely purchase it again.

Overall Rating: 4 out 5
Price: $5-7 (depending on where you buy)

Go to www.got2b.com/us for more products and information.

*product was submitted for review purposes. See disclaimer/disclosure for more info.

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