Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of Pre-K.

These past few days have been C-R-A-Z-Y. I had to gather a few last minute things for Arianna's first day of school and now we're working on getting our routine down in the morning so it's not a rush to get out the door AND on top it off--the day before she started school, she got sick! So we've been battling a slight cold--ugh, talk about drama...but that's life when you have kids, right?

So, in case you were wondering...Arianna's first day of Pre-K went good! The teacher said she was a little shy (but she's always like that, until she gets to know someone) but no major concerns. Arianna had a little reservations about the whole thing but she still liked it. (FYI: That was the first time we've EVER left her alone--can you believe it?? Yeah, we're a little psychotic when it comes to her, plus she was sick so she wasn't in the best mood to begin with)

Today, however was a whooole different animal. She was SOOO excited when I picked her up! She was estatic. She said she had the BEST day and had so much fun which in turn gave mommy the BEST day... :)

How was your little one's first day of school??

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  2. I'm your newest follower, from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Looking forward to getting to know you :)


  3. New follower from fmbt!

    What a big day (for you both)! I love the picture of her stuff in her cubby. I've never been on the parent side of the first day of school but as a teacher I know how exciting/scary it can be! Glad it went so well!

  4. Sometimes I think 'first days' are harder on the mom. How did you do while she was gone?

  5. Yay Arianna! Congrat Mama! Big milestone! She looks so cute in her little outfit too :)

  6. Becky: That's so true! I just rocked back in forth in a corner sobbing.(lol) j/k

    Jill: Thanks Mama! :)

  7. I would also love to see the pics of the nervous wreck sobbing in the corner:)
    Congrats on the Big Day!


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