Monday, August 9, 2010

Design Break.

(photo: traditional home)

Some of you may or may not know that I worked in an Interior Design Firm right up to my 8 month of pregnancy. For as long as I can remember I've always been in love with Interior Design. I remember writing my college admissions essay to my art school and mentioning that my love affair started young-- so young in fact, that when I would have play dates with childhood friends and they would ask me to arrange their barbie houses because somehow I had managed to out-decorate theirs.

Since then, I knew what I was good at and I applied myself in school. While other teenagers slacked off with their classes and cut school, I took every art class, design course, and internship that was available. It paid off and I was accepted to my top choice art school, which later led me to the Design Firm, which later led me to be the CEO's Executive Design Assistant! I loved every minute of it. It was hard work and long hours (it was a firm that specialized in commercial design and high end residential) but I felt like I was doing what I was made to do.

Project I worked on that was published in DCOTA
(executive waiting area in office building for non-profit org. )

Then my life took an unexpected (and unplanned) turn. I got pregnant. This job that I had work so hard to get started to take it's toll with it's demanding pace and stressful environment, and when I was 8 months pregnant, I thought it would be a good time to take my maternity leave and focus on my pregnancy.

For the first time in a long time I was able to breathe. There were no deadlines, there was no late hours, there were no phones ringing off the hook, there were no finishes and fabrics that needed to be pulled, there were no construction sites to go see, no blueprints to approve. There was just me time, and I loved it. Once my little bundle of joy came along I finally realized what I was actually put on this earth for.

Although design had been such a great part of my life for such a long time, I knew that It and I needed to take a "break". It would always have a piece of my heart but it was no longer my number one priority. I turned in my keys to the office, I stopped checking in on the progress of projects, I canceled my design subscriptions, I even stopped watching design shows, and just let it go...

You know the saying, "if you love something, let it go, and if it comes back to you, it yours"? Well, I think my love for it has started to reemerge again. Just like an old flame, every time I start thinking about it I get butterflies in my stomach. It's just a flicker and not a full on flame so I'm not entirely convinced that it's what I want to go back to doing. Especially since this blog has opened up a dormant passion of mine that I can see myself pursing, but at least it's a possibility.

We'll see what the future holds for me.....

Have you had to "break-up" with something for a while to see if it's really something you want to do?


  1. What a lovely designer you are! I bet your kid's room is unreal! Thank you for stopping by my profile on MBC. You have a great blog!

    ~Jules @

  2. Multiple girls.... Sadly they never come back. lol

  3. Oh goodness! I want to live in that bedroom! Will you please come do a makeover on my room? My house? :)

  4. I very much believe that since you have impeccable taste!

  5. Stopping by from FFF, and am now a follower.

    Stop by if you get a chance!

  6. Thanks for the compliments everybody. I updated the photos with their sources because some of you were under the impression that the bedroom was designed by me. haha

    It was just a beautiful picture I found but NOT designed by me.

  7. Jenny, I am so happy for you. Your passion is slowly waking up and it means it's your true calling. I am interior design junkie myself, the one who had vigorously collected every single issue of Domino magazine and mourned its untimely death:( You are a very creative person, you have beautiful taste, a right eye for details and color hues. Your collages are so graceful and tasteful. Good luck to you in everything you do:)

  8. You are awesome, Chicky!!!! You have so much time to get back into it all full force!


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