Saturday, August 14, 2010

Celebrities Design Dora Backpacks.

A few celebrities lent a creative hand in designing their own Dora the Explorer Backpacks in order to support Nickelodeon's Beyond the Backpack campaign which helps promote kindergarten readiness for preschoolers.

As a mom who has a child about to enter Pre-K in a week (holy crap!) I'm all over this program. So besides LeBron, Shakira, and John Leguizamo (pictured above) who else designed some backpacks? Take a look...

Heidi Klum/Drew Brees

Faith Hill/Eva Longoria Parker

Salma Hayek/Slash

Jessica Alba/ Sheryl Crow

Cute, right? Too bad they're only for auction. I would have totally bought Heidi's, Faith's, and Salma's for Arianna. If you want to see them in person though, they are now on display at Macy's Herald Square in New York City.

If you want to find out more information about Beyond the Backpack program which also features a quiz for parents to see if your kids are ready for Kindergarten GO HERE. Don't worry if your munchkins still needs a little help they have fun activities to help you and your child out!

Any of you moms out there have kids starting Kindergarten?


  1. They're all nice... a couple of them I wouldn't mind having!
    Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
    All the best,

  2. I think Faith and Selma's would have been my first choice. =D

  3. I am following from Social Parade! Come check out my blog!

  4. Cute!! I wouldn't mind buying one for my soon-be-Kindergarten who will be starting in a couple of weeks. I wonder how much they cost since celebrities were the ones to design these Dora backpacks? My favorite one is Heidi Klum's.

  5. Just goes to prove that Dora is loved by all!
    Walmarts celebrated her birthday in most areas.

  6. Thank you so much for linking up to SSS!
    We loved having you visit!
    I am now a proud member of your blog.
    We would love to have you join us too if you haven't already : )

    Lucas's Journey with Sensory Processing Disorder


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