Thursday, August 5, 2010

BlogHer Who??

Ok, I'm not even gonna lie..I'm completely jealous of all you fabulous ladies that are going to the most coveted conference for us mommy bloggers out there--BlogHer'10.

Parties, networking, meeting fellow bloggers, free swag.. humph..psh..who needs THAT right??! That doesn't sound fun AT ALL!

Yeah, I sucks. But whataya gonna do? Why, join a Pity Party of course! Not just any pity party, but a Blogher '10 pity party! Where other bitter fellow mommy bloggers who couldn't make it are getting together and doing a link up, and not to mention they're giving away their own swag bag too! Take THAT Blogher'10 attendees!...I don't sound bitter do I?? :)

If you want to join the Bloger'10 Pity Party be sure to check out Life Without Pink.
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