Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Fall Trends All Under $50!!

Everywhere you turn Fall Fashion is at full bloom and this year there are 3 trends that are all over the runway, magazines, and stores. Some of these trends can run you a pretty penny so I put together some great finds from each trend ALL UNDER $50!

MILITARY: Military is THE trend of the fall. Military inspired pieces can be found just about anywhere from jackets to hats.

1. Knit Vest-$19.99 (Tilly)
2. Shirt Jacket-$49.50 (American Eagle)
3. Herringbone hat-$8.99 (Target)
4. Canvas Bag-$18.90 (Nordstrom)
5. Military Jacket-$39.99 (Tilly's)
6. Belted Tunic-$21.50 (Wet Seal)
7. Cargo Pant-$29.99 (Aeropostale)

CAMEL: This is such a classic color and this year it's making a comeback in a BIG way. If I were you I would invest some money on a good camel coat that you can use year after year.

1. Dress Pants-$24.00 (Dillard's)
2. Turtleneck Dress-$32.00 (American Apparel)
3. Boyfriend Blazer-$25.99 (Old Navy)
4. Trokey Satchel-$29.98 (Aldo)
5. Belted Tunic-$49.00 (Arden B.)
6. Studded Cloche-$48.00 (Nordstrom)
7. Lace Trim Scarf-$42.13 (Asos)

ANIMAL PRINT: This is a BOLD trend. You either love or hate animal print. I gotta say this trend really isn't "me" but I've been seeing it so much I'm starting to warm up to the idea of maybe getting some animal print accessories.

1. Frill Sleeve Dress-$29.96 (Asos)
2. Sheer Luxe Scarf-$29.99 (Ann Taylor)
3. Ralph Lauren Belt-$25.99 (Macy's)
4. Dip Dye Cardigan-$20.22 (Asos)
5. Metallic Wallet-$7.50 (Forever 21)
6. Nala Sunglasses-$26.00 (Endless)
7. Pencil Skirt-$29.99 (LOFT)

What do you think? Do you like these new fall trends? What fall trends are you looking forward to this year? Share with me!


  1. Laila, me too! I love the fall. :)

  2. Great post, Jenny! Love all the trends, but the military trend is my favorite. I am totally marching to this drum:)

  3. Thanks Julia! I'm loving some military too.


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