Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's YOUR Style?

If you want to find a simpler way to shop based on your fashion style, Shopbop.com has a great feature called "Shop Your Style" with Girly, Bohemian, Downtown, Casual Chic, and Classic as your options.

My taste is a mix of Girly and Classic with hints of Casual Chic. Bohemian is a bit foreign for me. There's only a few pieces here and there that I like and I'm SOO not cool enough to pull off Downtown. haha.

So what's your style?


  1. hmm, i always find it hard to classify but if i had to choose one, i would say classic or casual chic. i'm getting too old for bohemian or girly.

  2. What are you smoking woman??! You are NOT to old for bohemian or girly!

  3. DEF bohemian. Nearly all my clothes are from my travels in China and Thailand. I wore jeans and a western shirt to work one day and one of my students remarked in awe, "You look normal today!"


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