Monday, July 5, 2010

Rachel Zoe Season 3--I DIE.

Is anyone else a Rachel Zoe fan out there?! I can't get enough of this stylista! She's responsible for styling some of our favorite celebs like: Demi Moore, Jennifer Garner, Debra Messing, and Anne Hathaway just to name a few and August 3rd she's back on the Bravo line-up with The Rachel Zoe Project Season 3!!

YAY!! I can't tell you how addictive this show is for me. It's seriously like my fashion crack. You get a glimpse of what's it's like to be front row at the best fashion shows and to personally know designer's like Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstenberg (both who I would seriously crap myself If I ever met in real life) Not to mention her famous catch phrases like "I DIE" and "It's BA-N-A-N-A-S". Trust me, just a few episodes and everything will be "ba-nanas" to you. lol

Here's a promo video for Season 3. "Shut, The Front Door" I can't wait! :)
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