Sunday, July 11, 2010

My BabyGap Addiction.

I went into my daughters closet yesterday to see if I can get any ideas on children's brands to write about and all it did was reaffirm my BabyGap addiction. LOL

I swear nearly EVERYTHING in my daughter's closet is Gap right now! There are a few other brands that I'm going write about soon but can you blame me?! Their clothes are super cute and if they had them in my size I'm pretty sure I would be wearing them too.

And what do you know..BabyGap has just released some new collections! It seems they might be transitioning to their fall collections and oh. em. gee. they're C-U-T-E, take a look:

GIRLS: The new girls collection is all about muted purples, grays, and blues creating this really pretty soft palette.

BOYS: I am really loving this bright mustard, with soft blues/grays, and touches of beige color scheme in the boys collection.

Do you love BabyGap too? What kids stores are you obsessed with??


  1. I LOVE Baby Gap! I also buy a lot of clothes for my son at Target - they always have fun/unusual stuff!

  2. Oh I also love Baby Gap! There is a Gap Factory Outlet close to where we live & they have Gap baby clothes for next to nothing. My friend went one day & got a black garbage bag full of Gap baby clothes for a total of $40!!! And they all looked perfect - nothing even wrong with them!! I plan on making a trip there at the end of the summer!

  3. oh honey, i know! i love it too. for boys it's tough but my other weakness is the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet. To see men's clothes for babies kills me. I make Sebastian and Leo wear matching clothes. It almost makes not having a girl dress ok.

  4. I LOVE GAP! Since Patric Robinson took over as the Creative Director, GAP had become a powerful kids' fashion authority. Oh, it's impossible to name just one place. I love H&M, I love, I love Zara Kids,, Crazy 8 sometimes and a lot more!

  5. I am a total Baby Gapaholic for my children and it has now progressed into Gap Kids since they are 5 and 2. We have two huge outlet malls within 45 mins of us and whenever I am there I have to stop in and the kids always leave with a couple new pieces!


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