Friday, July 30, 2010

First Time Back to School Shopper.

I can't believe it, but I went school shopping for my daughter yesterday! Ugh. I just can't wrap my head around the whole idea that my baby is big enough to go to school now!! She'll be entering Pre-K in August and we're going overboard buying everything, but a scientific calculator. I seriously doubt she'll use everything but hey, what do you expect--we're new at this!

The day started off we me taking Arianna to story time and then Jason surprised us and joined us for lunch and after, we were off to do some damage at Osh Kosh and Gapkids. I can't believe the INSANE amount of money I spent. The good news is that practically everything was on sale, so I did save, right?! (At least that's the excuse I told the hubby, hehe). The bad news is that I'm not done yet! I still need to buy her a few more things, especially some new shoes which I think I'll be doing at sketchers (they got some cute sneakers I've been eyeing). I already bought her backpack at Target--Disney Princess, of course, which was surprisingly cuter than the one at the Disney Store, go figure. I just can't believe all of this is just for Pre-K! I don't even want to THINK how it's going to be like for high school! I think I've already single handedly put Gap, Osh Kosh, and Target in the black this year...

Have you gone back to school shopping yet? What stores do you like to hit up?


  1. I LOVE back to school shopping! ^_^ We're planning on going today and I'm super excited. We love The Childrens Place, and Osh Kosh, and Target. That is pretty much where we get ALL of the clothes and supplies. Visiting from New Friend Friday! ^_^

  2. We love back to school shopping too! :) We just love shopping in general... ha ha! Believe it or not, I have used the drug stores - Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS - for most of our school supplies the past couple years. Great deals! :)

  3. Back to school shopping would be better if it didn't envolve money. Honestly I love back to school. The kids get to see their friend, I get mommy time, and I can catch up on my house. Love your blog.

  4. Brianne: Hope you have fun shopping!

    Mandy: Thanks, I'll check out the drugstores to see if they have any good sales.

    Sharra: I know, I wish it wasn't so much money but this was my first time (and only child) so I think I went a little over board (tee hee)

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

  5. I'm a first time back to school shopper too! It terrifies me that my baby is this big! AHHH! New follower here from Follow Friday :)


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