Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fashion Spotlight: Kelly Ripa.

So, most people know Kelly Ripa for her humor and peppy attitude on Regis and Kelly but I like her impeccable taste in clothes.

I just L-O-V-E this girl's style: It's chic, it's modern, it's classic, it's everything I like. This on the go mommy knows how to to keep it simple and still stylish without over doing it and that's exactly why I think she deserves a fashion spotlight.

Whose fashion style do YOU like? Share with me!


  1. She's cute but way too prepubescent girl for me. Style-wise, I like J.Lo & SJP, surprise, surprise. They're so unpredictable and you can tell they have input.

  2. I agree she does have a very "athletic" build but I like that she embraces it and doesn't shy away from girly clothes because of it.

    J.LO is FAB. What else can you say? :) SJP is a goddess but it's always a hit or miss with her. She may wear something fabulous one day and something hideous the next plus her everyday clothing is rather mundane, don't you think?

  3. I LOVE her. Maybe it's because I'm a bit petite myself. I'm always looking to her.

  4. I've always found her to be a little vapid but you're right, her clothes are cute. Love the scarf!


  5. There is nothing here that I don't like. Gorgeous!

  6. I've been watching Kelly ever since she was on All My Children. She has style and class. She's great. Thanks for sharing! Love it!

  7. She knows how to dress her petite frame and always looks well put together, though I would say, slightly predictable. I would like to see some streak of wackiness. Cameron Diaz, please?


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