Friday, July 23, 2010

Accessory Round-Up: Michael Kors Watches

I've known of Michael Kors for decades now but I've attributed my recent obsession with him to my mother in-law and her love of all things Michael Kors. This is by far her favorite designer and it's up to the point where if I see anything new on her I should just automatically assume it's MK.

One thing that Michel Kors does have is a great selection of bold watches. There's nothing too soft and delicate about MK watches. His motiff is rather oversized, classic, and men's wear-like.

What's my favorite? The "Black Catwalk" chronograph watch. It's the perfect mix of modern, stylish and classic. It retails for $195.00

For pricing and more selections go to
(watches shown are from $190 and up)

Do you like Michael Kors? What's your favorite watch designer? Share with me!

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