Monday, July 12, 2010

1 Picture. 3 Looks for Less!

These 3 fashionable ladies are all sporting completely different looks for the same event. Like their looks? I made a look for less for each one! Here's the breakdown:

Look 1:
Gray Pleated Dress: $58.00 (Nordstrom)
Denim Jacket: $39.95 (American Eagle)
Sunglasses: $19.95 (Endless)
Gold Metallic Clutch: $19 (bebe)
Flats: $28 (Urban Outfitters)

Look 2:
Button Down Shirt: $39.00 (Shopbop)
Poplin Trousers: $39.99 (Ann Taylor)
Ruffle Heels: $34.99 (Arden B)
Gold Clutch: $20.99 (Macy's)

Look 3:
Strapless Bubble Dress: $57.27 (ASOS)
Drop Earrings: $19.00 (Arden B)
Silver Clutch: $47.00 (Endless)
Metallic Pumps: $35.00 (Endless)
Sunglasses: $5.80 (Forever21)


  1. I love your "looks for less"! Great ideas for those of us who like to look fashionable without spending a fortune.

  2. Thanks Deb! I'm glad you enjoy them :)

  3. i'm seriously getting that denim jacket!!


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