Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Water Slides= Summer Fun!

Who doesn't remember the slip and slide as a kid?! Well the slip and slide as we know it is long gone. Now they're full of gadgets, contraptions and sprinklers...as a matter of fact looking at some of these new toys makes me feel like a fossil! lol Where were these things when WE were a kid?!?

Check out some of these cool new water slides from ToysRUs. Perfect for your kids..or for the kid at heart. :)

What are you planning on buying your kids this summer?


  1. We went in with our neighbors and bought the first slide you have pictures minus the water guns (they didn't work at all). It works great because our neighbor stores it, but we can set it up in our yard whenever we want. I'd recommend that arrangement ONLY if you get along well with your neighbors. ;o)

  2. Those look really great. I like Sugar Mama's idea of going in with the neighbors. We are hoping to put in a pool in the next few years.

  3. I CANNOT wait until my son is old enough for stuff like this. Although, we're going to need a backyard.

    It's Big Bub's birthday in September so I'm sure he'll be getting quite a bit this summer. We're spending some time in August in Montauk so some beach stuff is in order!

  4. I just bought them some new water guns because he boys are bigger and rough on things so those items above wouldn't last.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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