Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The War of the Men's Body Washes. Dove vs. Old Spice

I recently bought my husband these two body washes and in honor of Father's Day I thought I'd review them for you because let's face it, do you really see your man sitting down at the computer and writing about the fragrance or texture of a body wash?...Yeah, me neither. So let the fight begin!

Starting on the left corner, standing at 18 oz we have Dove's Men Care Clean and Comfort. On the right corner we have Old Spice Odor Blocker Deo Fresh, coming in at 10 oz.

First Round: Packaging.
I'll have to give this round to Old Spice because of it's "manly" look. The packaging has dark bold colors that attract men like moths to a flame. Although Dove Men's Care bottle is in gray it has a softer look that might keep men away thinking it looks too "girly". Let's face it girls some men don't even know what body wash is or how to use it so they might look at you crazy when you hand it to them.

Second Round: Price
This round will have to go to Dove's Men Care. Although both come at a very affordable price, between $3-$5 (depending on where you buy), you get more of your money's worth with Dove. Dove comes in 18oz and Oldspice in 10oz. Enough said.

Third Round: Smell
This is a tricky round and it all depends on what kind of fragrance you like or prefer. Old Spice has a VERY strong smell, "muy macho", but it might be a little TOO overwhelming. If your man has some problems in the funk department Old Spice will definitely take care of that. Dove has a lighter smell. It's smells clean and crisp, NOT like flowers or fruit, but just a nice softer "manly" smell.

And The Heavy Weight Men's Body Wash Winner is...Dove's Men Care! The truth is folks that out of both of them I would definitely repurchase Dove for my man. Not just because of the reasons stated above but because my husband preferred it over Old Spice as well.


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