Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Stoy 3 Barbie

This weekend we took our daughter to see Toy Story 3 and we all LOVED it! What a cute movie! It really is a must see so make sure you take your little munchkins to see it.

My house was already on Toy Story 3 overkill before the movie came out. My daughter becomes OBSESSED whenever a new movie comes out, and what do we do? We feed into it by buying her things from the movie--yeah, yeah, I know..sue us.

The only thing is that my daughter is a girly girl and Toy Story 3 has primarily boys toys so what did we find?

Mattel has these cute Toy Story 3 Barbies that are perfect for little fashionistas like mine. We got ours at Target but I'm sure they're available at other stores as well.

The Fashion Dolls come with 3 different Toy Story character outfits and they include a backpack clip with the character. They retail for $15.99

The Ken and Barbie Set come straight out of the movie and it retails for $24.99

Go to to see these and all other Toy Story 3 toys.

Did you take your kids to see the movie this weekend?
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