Friday, June 25, 2010

Stylish Diaper Bags by JJ Cole.

If you're looking for a cute/stylish diaper bag, JJ Cole has what your looking for. I wish I would have known about them when my little munchkin was a little younger! Oh well, I guess for the next one, right? :)

Swag Bag-$89.95

Mode Bag-$59.95 (4 colors avail.)

System 180 Bag-$69.95 (6 colors avail.)

Technique Bag-$79.95 (4 colors avail.)

Tatic Changing Purse-$19.95 (2 colors avail.)


  1. Cute! What do you think of PPBs and OiOis? I like those too. 5.5 months pregnant with a girl and I'm exploring my diaper bag options.

  2. These bags are so cool and the price is right. Thanks for sharing

  3. Amy, OiOi has some adorable ones too. Good pick! I'm not sure what PPB's are?? You gotta remember I've been out of the "diaper bag game" for a few years now! ;)

    Congrats on the upcoming baby!


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