Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Looster Review --The Perfect Potty Stool

Yes, that's my daughter's toilet. No, I have no shame.

But, I was just so excited when I got the Little Looster in the mail I had to take a pic! I can't even begin to describe what a life saver this little horseshoe stool has been to my household!

My daughter is very much potty trained but she still requires a potty seat and a step stool to use the "big girl potty" all on her own. Which, as an adult can be quite annoying when you have to push all those gadgets aside just to use the potty. Not to mention when you come home, with an "emergency" and have to run to the closest bathroom, scrambling to get all these things out of the way is not good. This is why we avoid my daughter's bathroom at all costs.

(company photo)
The Little Looster however is a wrap around stool that doesn't need to be shuffled around when others use the bathroom. It doesn't get in the way for adults whatsoever and it has become the boost my daughter needed to use the potty seat no more. The Little Looster eliminates her feet from dangling and helps support her so she doesn't feel like she's falling in.

The first thing she said when she tried it out was "look mommy, I have a big girl potty now!" and is showing off her Little Looster to anyone who will come see--I think that is one happy camper!

Whether your going to start potty training, or in the process, or have a potty training expert I promise you this will make your life so much easier. You NEED this.

Overall Rating 5 out 5
Price: $39.99
To find out more information about Little Looster or how to order go to

*product was provided for review purposes
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