Friday, June 4, 2010

Emmy Rossum Look For Less

Emmy Rossum grabbed a bite to eat in this ADORABLE outfit last week! Do you like it? It's so simple but chic. It's so easy to put together too! Here's the breakdown:

Flutter Romper: $39.99 (thelimited)
Hoop Earrings: $3.80 for a set of three! (forever21)
Shoulder Bag: $42.27 (Oasis)
Wedge Sandals: $44.95 (DSW)


  1. CUTE! Can't wait for our forever 21 to open up.

  2. she's one of my cute

  3. It's adorable! Very youthful and playful!

  4. wow,I was afraid you guys wouldn't know who she was! lol I'm glad you like her as much as I do. :)


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