Friday, June 25, 2010

Deal Of The Day: Victoria's Secret Off The Shoulder Dress

What a FANTASTIC deal Victoria's Secret has on this off the shoulder dress! It comes in 3 different styles and it ties at the waist. You ready for the price?...$9.99!! Org. $38.

Go to to purchase!


  1. Wishin I had better shoulders for these cute syles.

  2. What are you talking about woman! I saw pictures of you on your blog. You can TOTALLY pull off this dress! ;)

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  4. Thanks! Great to have you reading and following my blog!

    There are several ways to subscribe to my blog. You will find all of them on the right hand side. You can follow me on twitter and facebook. You can subscribe to my RSS feeds through the drop down menu that says "subscribe to". You can also subscribe via email or you can follow me through google reader and follow me on "google friend connect"

    Hope that helped! :)


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